“Reptilian Dangers!”

15 minutes or less will cost you your case! GEICO is single handedly the most corrupt Insurance Carrier The Hadi Law Firm has dealt with.

    Here are a few of our battles against GEICO:
  • 2018: GEICO Tenders Full policy limits, an increase of 9times their initial offer, for discriminating against our clients based on weight;
  • 2018: GEICO Tenders, for the first time EVER, $10,000.00 in Extra-Contractual compensation, on top of the $60,000.00 Uninsured Motorist Coverage, on a case they initially denied;
  • 2018: GEICO terminates two Insurance Adjusters, a 12 year Litigation Manager and a 3 year Litigation Claims Adjuster, for illegally tampering with the claims and litigation process. Only Firm in the Nation.
  • 2019: GEICO pays a confidential amount for discriminatory practices; which led to the forced early retirement of 22 year tenured Named Partner who was head of GEICO’s Houston Regional Defense firm. Only Firm in the Nation.
  • February 14, 2020: Our third trial this year. Our last trial before #Covid. Geico denied any injury. 2X damages at trial. We thanked the jury and the Court for their time during #ValentinesDay.
  • August 28, 2020: The Texas Department of Insurance, with the help of #TheHadiLawFirm, SANCTIONED #GEICO for $5,200,000.00, and an Order, agreed to by Geico, to change their entire claims handling practice, by October 12, in the United States. First time in history an Insurance Carrier is fined millions and forced to change their entire claims department.
  • September 28, 2020: Geico paid the $5,200,000.00 to the Texas Department of Insurance, $3,000,000.00, and the 10,000+ Geico Insureds who were deprived; $2,200,000.00.
  • October 12, 2020: Geico changed their entire claims handling practice thanks to our fight for our clients.
  • November 12, 2020: A jury panel in Montgomery County, for the second time on the same case, rendered a verdict against Geico for $736,000.00, on a $30,000.00 insurance policy, because of their failure to respect a 100+ year old Texas Law, #Stowers, which we asked the jury to please not change, and they thankfully didn’t. The only verdict of its kind in this County.
  • November 13, 2020: The Practice of Personal Injury Law, for all who partake, in the State of Texas is forever changed by our #Verdict. In fact, the impact of the verdict extends to other states, in showing how the times are changing.

Each of the above is a first for any law firm. Their attempts to deny the case, then cheat and lie, cost them their careers. Hiring the wrong attorney may cost you your case if they aren’t skilled in defending your rights against ruthless Insurance Carriers. Speaking to GEICO will definitely cost you your case as the adjusters are trained to deprive you of your rights and benefits!

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